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i need a hug right now also nine hundred thousand dollars in cash

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i really hate the “buy me pizza and watch disney movies with me” dating mentality. like. how about you tie me up and fuck the light from my eyes then pay my car insurance and we go out to eat at Burger King because chicken fries are back.

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Betty Page

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My least favorite thing is straight men who come into lush and act like it’s a direct attack on their manhood coming up to me like “I’m in here for my girlfriend” ok thanks for confirming your heterosexuality everyone who likes soap is usually gay

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Details at Vivienne Westwood RTW F/W 2010

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math class is the class where your inner artist comes out more than in your actual art class

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dude……………………… I love dogs

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"I’m a little bit of an adult and still a bit of a kid. I hope I never lose enthusiasm for things like road trips and Cheerios."

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